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Are you Pushing your Child too Much?

Are you Pushing your Child too Much? A June 2017 NY Post article* shows us how pushing our kids to be very competitive can lead to injuries. Practicing too much is not a good thing. When your child does the same task the wrong way a thousand times, they learn how to perfectly perform the task incorrectly. They are causing more stress-related damage to the tissues of their body by repeating clumsy, useless, and wasted motion.

You can help your child by getting them to practice the right way, reduce the total number of repetitions needed, and decrease the chance of injury. To do this, they must break down the task at hand. If they're involved in a sport that involves moving a ball to a target, they will need to work on accuracy, distance, and speed. Of those three variables, distance and speed are the causes of tissue stress. Get them to increase their accuracy, and fewer repetitions will be needed. Fewer repetitions cause less stress on bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles, reducing chance for injury.

If you're child is already having some arm or leg pain caused by overuse, give us a call and we'll get you Back to Health.

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*Fleming, K (2017). The Epidemic that's Ruining Youth Sports.
New York Post, 19 June 2017

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