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Sitting too much

Sitting too muchYou sit at work all day and by the end wonder why you have back pain. Shouldn't all this rest be good for your back? Not really. Sitting for long periods of time has not only been proven to be worse for your cardiovascular system than smoking, but it is horrible for your low back. When you sit, the hip flexor group (iliopsoas muscle) is placed in a shortened position. Too much time in any one position causes the body to adapt. When the hip flexors become short and tight they pull harder on their attachment points, one end being the lumbar spine. You will notice this when you finally go to stand up. It takes a while to get yourself completely upright while you press your palm into your lower back to straighten yourself out.

So if you have a short and tight muscle, you want to stretch it, right? Well not necessarily. There is usually a reason why muscles get tight. Sometimes that reason is because it's taking over the job of another muscle that is not working. If you stretch a tight muscle that's working hard to compensate for weaker muscles, it will just go right back to being tight. This will likely cause more pain than when you started, and will always cause some kind of stress on your spine. You need to question why the muscle is short and tight to begin with. In the coming weeks I will discuss several of the most common problems caused by excessive sitting.

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