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Lower-Crossed Syndrome 1

Lower-Crossed Syndrome 1 If you haven't read it yet, take a look at our last post titled, "Sitting on the Job." It's a great segue into this series of posts that will delve into a condition called, "Lower-Crossed Syndrome." It is defined primarily by one group of muscles put in a shortened position, and their opposing muscle group that is simultaneously placed in lengthened positions. The most common cause is from sitting too long and too often. Office workers, students, and professional drivers make up a large part of this population. To have a better understanding of this phenomenon we will have to explore what happens to muscles when they are placed in one of these two positions; stretched (lengthened), or contracted (shortened).

Stretched, or lengthened muscles are inhibited. You've probably felt this when you over-reach to grab something and had a difficult time pulling it closer, or perhaps having your arms or legs "wishboned" behind you while wrestling with a sibling. Once over-extended, it is difficult to shorten a muscle because of the mechanics involved. Over a period of weeks and months the muscle gets used to being inhibited and eventually weakens. The opposite happens when a muscle is more contracted, it is in a stronger position. Since the body is so good at adapting, if the muscles stay in these positions long enough they will eventually adapt to these tasks more effectively. This is called, "adaptive lengthening," or "adaptive shortening," respectively and can be noticeable by a pronounced visible curve in the lumbar spine and pronounced buttocks, known as an, "Anterior Pelvic Tilt" (see next post). The stress will be visible or palpable by your chiropractor. Make sure to have it checked, otherwise this imbalance will lead to pain or early spinal degeneration.

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