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Weak Abs LCS 5

Weak Abs LCS 5 Last post talked about strengthening the glutes. This post is going into the importance of strengthening the core muscles. Most think that the core is comprised of the 6-pack muscles. Though they are nice to look at, this couldn't be farther from the truth. Your core resembles an iceberg in some ways. 90% of it lurks beneath the surface. If you're thinking you'll be able to work your core with sit-ups and crunches, think again. These are hip-flexor dominated exercises, and if you read the previous post titled "Tight Hip Flexors LCS 3" you'll understand why we don't want to work on these muscles.

Instead, focus on the internal and external obliques, transversus abdominus, and multifidi muscle groups. Exercises like planks are great for getting the pelvis into a posterior tilt and maintaining it. Side-bridges are good for activating and strengthening the obliques. Transversus abdominus and multifidi can be engaged using an exercise to increase pressure within the abdomen (Video link is below. If anyone knows the name of it, please call me and tell me or email me. I've been searching for the name forever!). Add these exercises for two minutes each and you will see a dramatic decrease in low back pain. If you don't, come see us. There is likely something else keeping your spine from its ideal functional ability.

Start this video around the 1 minute mark for a thorough tutorial for basic abdominal strengthening.

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