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Are your Hamstrings Actually Tight? LCS 6

Are your Hamstrings Actually Tight? LCS 6 Likely the most common stretch you'll ever see in the general population is some variation of a hamstring stretch. Ever think to ask, "Why?" Oftentimes we just blindly go with what everyone else is doing because we don't want to be singled out, or we just don't know better. Anterior Pelvic Tilt (APT for short) is a syndrome caused by multiple muscular imbalances around the pelvis. I encourage you to read more about it in the previous blog post.

If that seems like you, then you have a true APT, the best thing you can do to your hamstrings is nothing. Ignore them because they are not the problem. Instead focus on strengthening your core, strengthening your glutes, and stretching your hip flexors (Thank you Bowflex).

Once balance is restored, the hamstrings will most likely need to be strengthened. Be sure to have your spinal alignment checked as well. The pelvis is the foundation for your spine. If the foundation has been uneven, imagine what that has been doing to your vertebrae. I hypothesize that it would be similar to playing Jenga on the side of a hill.

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