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Patient Testimonials


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A Great Experience

❝I have been coming here for years after a back problem and have always had a great experience. Great doctors and staff, highly recommended.❞

Skilled, Smart, Personable, Calm

❝I just moved to MA, and I'm new to this practice...I've been going to a chiropractor in each of the past 4 cities I've lived in(over 20+ years) and I have to say I was immediately comfortable with Dr. Brittany. She is skilled, smart, personable, calm, and above all has helped some chronic shoulder issues I thought I'd be stuck with. My shoulder has improved and I've enjoyed learning about new treatment options. I would highly recommend Dr. Brittany!❞

Chronic Sciatica and Jaw Pain

❝I've been dealing with chronic sciatica and jaw pain for a long time. Dr. Vito is attentive in addressing all my needs and giving me helpful suggestions to improve my quality of life. He is knowledgeable and I trust his expertise. I have seen him for a few visits and already I'm noticing improvements in myself. He has an excellent bedside manner and is very professional. I highly recommend Dr. Vito. He's great!❞

Feel Better Now!

❝Dr. Cotter is awesome. You won't be sorry.
Feel better now!❞


Lose 13 pounds on the 10-Day Program!

❝I followed the 10-day detoxification program provided by Back to Health in January. At the end of my 10-day program, I found that my energy level was much higher and my previous need to take a 10-minute nap after lunch had been eliminated! I also found that I felt much more rested after a night's sleep and my urge to consume coffee had also been significantly reduced.

This program allowed me to lose 13 pounds by the end of my 10-day program! I was so satisfied with the results of this program and will certainly look to repeat it periodically in order to maintain minimal toxin levels and the benefits that are provided.